Arming indigenous communities with digital services


Hello, world!

We’re coding community from Guatemala called code !guns. Our focus is digital accessibility and online self-defense for indigenous communities.

Our (current) work
Radio broadcasting
Community coordination apps
Language accessibility
Digital self defense

If you’re interested in working on these problems, we’ve create a social media account where you can DM us @CodeNotGuns. Especially if you have social media, writing, or design skills, or are fluent in any Mayan languages, that helps massively.

We have so much work on our hands, though, that we need all the help we can get and anyone is welcome.


Do you use X tech stack?

We’re building elaborate infrastructure from the ground up. We need everything. Do you know CSS? Have you soldered together a FM autoscanner? Do you think Rust is cool? Can you explain complex ideas in an easy-to-understand way?

The only question that matters is do you want to help? If so, reach out and we’ll tell you how to hop on our weekly call.

Okay, how do I help?

DM us on Twitter, we’ll talk!

Or, you can access the TOP SECRET room directly by decoding this super elite challenge:

0000000      6148    6168    6a20    7375    2074    696b    6464    6e69
0000020      2c67    7920    756f    6420    6e6f    7427    6820    7661
0000040      2065    6f74    6a20    6d75    2070    6874    6f72    6775
0000060      2068    6e61    2079    6f68    706f    0a73

Good luck, only the best will make it!

Who are you?

We’re some friends from Guatemala, and more friends from the Internet. We provide the rural Mayan community with technology training to empower them to fight back online.

Why is this page in English instead of Poqomchi or whatever?!?!?

Cuz that’s what the internet speaks, but if you wanna translate this page to X language, we accept your offer!